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Laser Machines for Leather

Laser Machines for Leather

Leather is a material widely used in daily necessities. Many products are made of leather, such as shoes, wallets, belts, accessories, and packaging bags. Leather products are very durable and more beautiful after being engraved with various patterns, so they are loved by the public. If your workshop has leather materials that require engraving, cutting or hollowing, then choosing a suitable laser cutting machine can bring you higher processing efficiency.

Find the Best Laser Cutting Machines for Leather

Laser engraving on leather creates a recessed effect, resulting in pronounced contrast on the leather surface. Light-colored leather exhibits a significant color contrast, while dark leather presents a more subtle distinction. The outcome of this engraving effect primarily relies on the leather type employed, as well as the laser speed, power, and frequency settings. Similar to working with any material, we consistently advise testing different parameters until the desired effect is achieved.

There are several advantages to using laser cutting on leather. Firstly, laser engraving or cutting does not cause material wear and creates a sealed cut. Secondly, unlike manual leather cutting tools such as craft knives and rotary cutters, laser cutting leather is extremely fast and precise, and perhaps most importantly, the resulting finished products are consistent. Additionally, laser cutting eliminates the possibility of warping that may occur with hand tools.

When using laser cutting on leather, there is no contact between the tool and the material, meaning there is no need to replace blades or expensive parts. Lastly, there is no time wasted on clamping the leather for processing. Simply place the material on your laser machine workstation and engrave or cut the desired pattern.

Samples of Laser Machines for Leather

Laser cutting machines are suitable for various leather materials including genuine leather, artificial leather, synthetic leather, and regenerated leather. They can be used for laser engraving, cutting, and marking processes. For instance, in the leather goods industry, such as leather shoes, sofa covers, bags, wallets, leather jackets, and leather seat sofas, laser cutting machines play a crucial role.

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Weihua provides high-quality laser machines
Weihua provides high-quality laser machines
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