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Glass Laser Cutting Machine

Picosecond glass laser cutting machine is a precision cutting device that uses low-energy pulses to achieve high peak optical power. By taking advantage of the low thermal diffusion characteristics, it can break materials before heat is transferred to surrounding areas, allowing for high-precision cutting without damaging the material structure. Mainly used for glass cutting.


Glass Laser Cutting Machine Technical Parameters

Machine NamePicosecond Laser Glass Cutting Machine
Laser power30w 50w 70w
Work size500x400mm
Laser source wavelength1064um
Laser sourceWuhan Huaray laser
FunctionCutting glass
Cutting speed0-500mm/s adjustable
Control System BrandCypcut
Supported filesDXF,PLT,DWG
Servo MotorYaskawa
Cooling systemConstant temperature water cooling
Machine structureSheet metal welding
Work tableMarble
Reposition accuracy±1.5um
Vacuum adsorptionIntelligent vacuum constant pressure adsorption system
CCD Vision positioning accuracy±3um
Cutting headGlass special cutting head
Machine dimension1785x1520x1950mm
Machine weight1600kgs

Features of Glass Laser Cutting Machine


Using high-performance picosecond laser for cutting, the laser has ultra-high peak power, ultra-narrow pulse width, high pulse stability, and a small focused spot size, resulting in product incisions as small as only 2-3mm.


Featuring a high-precision two-dimensional linear motor platform and a fully closed-loop grating detection control system, combined with a 2Y interactive dual-workstation configuration, it effectively reduces waiting time for material loading and unloading.


Ultra-short pulse processing with no heat conduction is suitable for high-speed cutting of brittle materials. It also features CCD visual pre-scanning and automatic target capture positioning.


The CNC fiber laser cutting machine is designed with a high-rigidity structure and features a machine base composed of shock-absorbing machine feet cups and natural marble. This design not only reduces the inertial vibrations generated during the startup, stop, and acceleration processes of the worktable but also effectively prevents bed deformation caused by temperature differences resulting from climate changes.

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Weihua provides high-quality laser machines
Weihua provides high-quality laser machines
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