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WH1325M Hybrid CO2 Laser Cutting Machine

This laser cutting machine is a hybrid CO2 laser cutting machine with a gantry structure and stepper motor drive. It has high precision and fast speed, and can be used for cutting various thin to medium metal sheets, die-cutting boards, and can cut high-quality 1.5mm or less carbon steel plates, 1.5mm or less stainless steel plates, as well as non-metallic materials such as PVC, MDF, acrylic, ABS, wood, etc.


WH1325M Hybrid CO2 Laser Cutting Machine Technical Parameters

Cutting size1300x2500mm
X axis1300mm
Y axis2500mm
Z axis40mm
Machine dimension3600x1850x1300mm
Laser power150w (220w/300w is optional)
Laser typeSealed co2 glass laser tube
Laser headAuto focus laser head
X, Y positioning accuracy±0.05mm
Repeatability accuracy±0.01mm
File format supportedDST/PLT/BMP/DXF/AI/CDR/CIF/PCX/DWG
Power supplyAC110/220±10%, 50hz-60hz
Control systemRuida control
Driving systemStepper motor & Leadshine driver
Cooling systemCW5200  chiller
Rated power4kw
Machine weight1200kgs
Application IndustriesAdvertising decoration industry, metal industry, packaging industry, die-cutting board related product industry, etc
Application materials

Both metal and non-metallic materials.
Non-metallic materials like acrylic, wood, medium-density board, die-cutting board, paper, leather, etc.
Metal materials: stainless steel, carbon steel.

Random Accessories

NoMain Configuration
1150w CO2 laser tube*1 pc
2Leadshine step motor & driver*3sets
3Belt transmission, 30mm width
4Capacitive automatic height adjuster *1 unit
5Constant temperature cooling system S&A CW5200 chiller *1 unit
6550w air blower *3 units
7Welding machine bed
8II-VI USA focus lens

Features of WH1325M Hybrid CO2 Laser Cutting Machine


New generation of laser cutting head with strong light speed stability, fast cutting speed and auto-focus function. Can cut uneven metal sheets.


Processing area of 1300x2500mm is more suitable for large metal plate cutting. There is no need to spend time splicing materials, which saves time and greatly improves work efficiency.


Cutting seam is small and the cutting sides do not need to be polished, which not only ensures the beauty of the raw materials, but also saves polishing costs, time and labor costs.


The Y-axis uses dual drives and large-sized 86 stepper motors, and Taiwan CSK linear guides to ensure that the machine continues to operate at high speed and precision.

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Weihua provides high-quality laser machines
Weihua provides high-quality laser machines
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