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1630T Auto Feeding Co2 Laser Engraving Cutting Machine

WH-1630T Auto feeding laser engraving machine is a type of laser processing equipment with automatic feeding function. This CO2 laser engraving machine combines laser technology and an automatic feeding system to achieve precise and efficient engraving and cutting of materials. Auto feeding laser cutter is widely used in industries such as clothing, footwear, home textiles, embroidery, trademarks, and plush toys.


WH-1630T  Auto Feeding Co2 Laser Engraving Cutting Machine 

Technical Parameters

Work size1600x3000mm
Other Optional size1300x2500mm/1600x2600mm/2000x3000mm/2000x6000mm
Laser power80w, 100w, 130w, 150w, 180w
Laser typeCO2 laser tube
Cooling methodPure water cooling
Engraving speed0-60000mm/min
Cutting spleed0-30000mm/min
Laser wavelength10.6um
File supportedPLT, DST, DXF, DWG, AI, LAS, Support direct output from AutoCAD, CorelDRAW.
Rated Power≤1500w
Motor and driverStep motor and Leadshine driver
Y axisDouble motors
FeatureAutomatic tracking corrector
Control systemDSP control, Ruida control system as default.
PackageWooden box
Package size4300*2200*1350mm
Gross weight1300kg
Application materialsArtificial leather, textile fabrics, Non-woven fabric, polypropylene, blended fabric, imitation leather, various kit materials
Applicated IndustriesCar seat cushions, seat covers, fabric cutting, leather processing

Features of WH-1630T Auto Feeding Co2 Laser Engraving Cutting Machine


Work platform adopts a stainless steel mesh belt with a large aperture and high temperature-resistant and wear-resistant material, effectively protecting the material and increasing breathability.


Dual pressure feeding function to prevent fabric deviation and ensure the accuracy of feeding.


The advanced automatic feeding system has automatic deviation correction function, further ensuring the accuracy of feeding, thereby improving work efficiency and reducing labor costs.


The machine body is equipped with three large-diameter exhaust outlets, which can be controlled independently to enhance smoke exhaust effect.


Control box has a reasonable layout and simple design, which facilitates machine maintenance and upkeep.


Equipped with Ruida control system, easy to operate, supports multiple languages, and provides technical teaching.

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Weihua provides high-quality laser machines
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