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T Series Metal Tube & Pipe Fiber Laser Cutter

T-Series professional fiber laser tube cutting machine utilizes a pneumatic chuck, providing strong and consistent clamping force to ensure cutting precision.

This fiber laser pipe cutter features a specialized auxiliary support structure that prevents pipe sagging and deformation, thereby enhancing cutting accuracy and extending the chuck's lifespan. This fiber laser pipe cutter is capable of processing various types of pipes, including round tubes, square tubes, rectangular tubes, angle steel, and channel steel.


T Series Metal Tube & Pipe Fiber Laser Cutter Technical Parameters

T series laser cutting machineWH-6020TWH-6035T
Maximum length of pipe (mm)7000
Pipe diameter (mm)φ20-φ230φ20-φ350
maximum positioning speed100100
Maximum speed of chuck (r/min)100100
Maximum acceleration1G1G
Positioning accuracy (mm/m)0.030.03
Repeat positioning accuracy (mm)0.020.02
Maximum load of worktable (kg)3001000
Operation terminalLaser dedicated system and laser professional function handheld 

Features of T Series Metal Tube & Pipe Fiber Laser Cutter


The specialized cutting head for pipe materials is powerful, lightweight, agile, and durable, allowing easy handling of various types of pipes. It boasts powerful functionality and versatility.


Front and rear chuck clamping design is easy to install and labor saving, no consumption wear, ensuring smooth feeding and cutting accuracy; Automatic center adjustment is suitable for various pipe materials. Its high chuck rotation speed can, improve  processing efficiency. The helical gear transmission provides greater stability, low noise, and minimal vibration.


The CNC fiber laser cutting machine features a humanized design that not only enhances cutting efficiency, but also maximizes the utilization of raw materials, reduces production costs, and achieves zero waste.


The gantry is equipped with a protective cover that prevents laser burns and smoke damage, ensuring operator safety and making it more environmentally friendly. The increased material height on the bed takes into account ergonomics, making loading easier. The gantry bridge structure provides a more stable device with a guaranteed long service life.

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Weihua provides high-quality laser machines
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