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400w Cantilever Mold Repair Laser Welding Machine

Cantilever type repair laser welding machine is suitable for repairing and welding large, medium, and small molds. It is widely used in chassis, automobiles, tires, ships, large household appliances plastic shells, auto parts, bearings, engineering machinery and other mold manufacturing and molding industries. Can welding a variety of mold steel, stainless steel, cymbals steel, precious metals and hard materials, aluminum welding. Precision injection molding, die-casting, mold repair and accessories, precision stamping parts of the welding, lost wax castings, aluminum castings.


400w Cantilever Mold Repair Laser Welding Machine 

Technical Parameters

MAX. Output Power200 Watts300 Watts400 Watts500 Watts
Laser TypeNd3+: YAG
Wavelength1064 nm
Max Single Pulse Energy100J110J120J140J
Xenon LampSingle Xenon LampDual Xenon Lamps
Laser CavityCeramic CavityMetal Cavity
MAX. Pulse Frequency≤30Hz≤30Hz≤40Hz≤50Hz
Peak Power8KW12KW18KW24KW
Pulse Width0.1-6ms0.1-6ms0.1-8ms0.1-10ms
Welding Depth0.1mm-1.5mm0.1mm-2mm0.1mm-2.5mm0.1mm-3mm
Focal Diameter0.3-3.0mm
Cooling systemExternal water cooling
Vision system10X Stereo microscope + CCD Camera Display (optional)
WorktableX:200mm, Y:100mm, Z:200mm; Loading ability:≤200kg
Work RangeX:400mm, Y:200mm, Z:700mm
Water Chiller1P1.5PSmall 3PBig 3P
Power SupplyAC220V/50Hz-60HzAC380V/50Hz-60Hz

Features of 400w Cantilever Mold Repair Laser Welding Machine


As a leading laser welding machine factory, Weihua laser welder incorporates the advanced high-speed liquid crystal light valve filter automatic protection system, which effectively eliminates eye irritation during working hours.


Our laser system utilizes an anti-erosive, high temperature resistant ceramic reflector cavity, ensuring a working life of up to 8-10 years. Additionally, the Xenon Lamp has a lifespan of 3 million times, providing long-lasting performance.


This laser welder features a stereoscopic microscope equipped with a cross cursor, providing a magnification of 10 times at the welding position (optional 15x or 20x magnification). The center of the cross cursor is precisely aligned with the center of the laser spot, making it easy to locate and ensuring accurate positioning.


The high-power integrated chiller ensures the long-term stable operation of the machine even at high power levels, promoting optimal performance.


Parameter adjustment is easily controlled through the use of an intelligent joystick handle, enabling simple and efficient operation for users.

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Weihua provides high-quality laser machines
Weihua provides high-quality laser machines
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