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Large-Format Laser Marking Machine for Smart Mirror

Large-format laser marking machine for smart mirror is the latest high-speed, high-precision paint and mirror removal equipment; This laser marker China is suitable not only for the paint and mirror removal process in the intelligent mirror industry of architectural glass, automotive glass, furniture glass, art glass, decorative glass, and cabinet glass, but also for surface marking on most plastic, stainless steel, aluminum oxide, copper, and other various alloy materials.


Large-Format Laser Marking Machine for Smart Mirror Technical Parameters

Processing methodsFiber laser marking
Laser power50W/60W/80W/100W/200W
Working Area1300x2500mm1500x3000mm
Rated power6KW
Laser source lifetime80000-100000 hours
Laser wavelength1064nm
Marking scope100*100-200*200mm(Splicing engraving)
Power stability (Average power)≤1%rms
Power stability (Peak power)≤5%rms
Frequency range20Hz-2000Hz
Beam qualityM2<1.2
Working focal length163±2mm (110*110MM) /295±2mm (215*215mm)
Control switchFrance Schneider Electric Brand
GuideTaiwan HIWIN linear guide
Electronic control systemTaiwan MEAN WELL Brand
Cooling methodAir cooling
Marking  line speed≤7000mm/s
Moving systemTaiwan control system + high-precision servo motion system
Power supplyAC190-240V,50-60Hz
Working environment+5--35℃, relative humidity 30-60%
Computers and SystemsMicrosoft Windows XP, Win7 32-bit Chinese version operating system
User interfaceHuman-computer interaction work interface
SoftwareAutoCAD, CorelDRAW, type3, Engraving Master, Wentai and other vector design software
Graphics formatDXF、PLT

Features of Large-Format Laser Marking Machine for Smart Mirror


This smart mirror large-format laser marking machine utilizes JPT fiber laser with excellent beam quality and high stability power. It also has low power consumption and a long service life of 100,000 hours.


This laser marking equipment adopts a gantry structure with a high-strength welded frame that has undergone overall stress relief treatment, resulting in excellent rigidity and minimal deformation.


3.This laser marking machine is driven by  high-precision servo motor and equipped with high-precision transmission mechanism, ensuring high installation accuracy, large transmission torque, minimal transmission error, and excellent dynamic characteristics.


4.The large-scale automatic lifting Z-axis worktable ensures high-quality processing of different thicknesses and materials of plates, reduces failure points, and improves stability.


Our independently developed splicing engraving technology can engrave any patterns and patterns on surfaces of different thicknesses and materials. All process parameters can be fully digitally controlled, greatly reducing manual intervention and making operation smart and simple. The equipment occupies a small area, is safe and easy to operate, and has no special requirements for operators. With just a little training, you can master it quickly, with fast processing speed and high precision, which helps save labor costs.


This machine uses imported or domestic first-line brand electrical and pneumatic components, which has the advantages of high cost performance, easy operation, low investment, and high efficiency. This greatly reduces the overall cost of equipment use and is the best choice for small and medium-sized glass enterprises.

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Weihua provides high-quality laser machines
Weihua provides high-quality laser machines
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