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H Series Full Enclosure Fiber Laser Cutter With Exchange Table

H series fiber laser cutter adopts gear rack transmission structure, upper and lower interactive platform, and fully enclosed design with observation window. and  It has the advantages of stable performance, high efficiency, and energy saving, and high safety factor.  It can be widely used for sheet metal cutting, such as stainless steel, carbon steel, galvanized plate, electrolytic plate, brass plate, aluminum plate, manganese steel, etc.


H Series Full Enclosure Fiber Laser Cutter With Exchange Table Technical Parameters

H series laser cutting machineWH-3015HWH-4020HWH-6020HWH-6025H
Rated sheet size(mm)X1500200020002500
Machine tool travel (mm)X1530203020302530
X/Y axis maximum positioning speed100100100100
Linkage maximum positioning speed (m/min)150150150150
Maximum acceleration1.5G1.5G1.5G1.5G
Positioning accuracy (mm/m)
Repeat positioning accuracy (mm)
Maximum load of worktable (kg)800150021002700
Operation terminalLaser dedicated system and laser professional function handheld 

Features of H Series Full Enclosure Fiber Laser Cutter With Exchange Table


This fiber laser cutting machine for sale is equipped with a fully enclosed external protection design, prioritizing operator safety. It creates a clean and eco-friendly working environment while allowing real-time monitoring of machine operation through a glass observation window.


This laser cutter features anautomatic focusing laser head, allowing for easy and convenient cutting of plates with varying thicknesses. The focusing component is equipped with a full-circumferential water cooling system, ensuring efficient heat dissipation even during prolonged high-power cutting of small-volume materials without any heat build-up or fogging.


Lightweight gantry, aviation aluminum extrusion molding process, good dynamic performance and high stability, ensuring high-speed cutting for a long time.


The machine tool adopts gantry-type double rack and pinion, double servo motor transmission, large torque and high inertia output, which effectively improves the production efficiency of the equipment.


Integrated electrical cabinet occupies smaller area. Therefore, this fully sealed structure can prevent dust from entering and dangerous flames.


The equipment has a power outage memory function; Rewind cutting function; and fault alarm and emergency shutdown functions, automatic display the fault content.

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Weihua provides high-quality laser machines
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