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ET Series Metal Sheet & Tube Fiber Laser Cutter

The ET series laser cutting machine is a versatile all-in-one device capable of cutting both metal sheets and pipes. Its gantry dual-drive structure provides stability, good rigidity, and high speed, making it suitable for industries primarily focused on pipe materials such as petroleum and pipelines, fitness equipment, as well as industries primarily focused on sheet materials such as automotive manufacturing and cabinet making.


ET Series Metal Sheet & Tube Fiber Laser Cutter Technical Parameters

ET series laser cutting machineWH-3015ETWH-4020ETWH-6020ET
Rated sheet size(mm)X150020002000
Machine tool travel (mm)X153020302030
X/Y axis maximum positioning speed808080
Linkage maximum positioning speed (m/min)100100100
Maximum acceleration1.0G1.0G1.0G
Maximum speed of chuck (r/min)100
Maximum length of pipe (mm)7000
Pipe diameter (mm)φ20-φ230  φ20-φ350
Positioning accuracy (mm/m)
Repeat positioning accuracy (mm)
Maximum load of worktable (kg)80013002000
Operation terminalLaser dedicated system and laser professional function handheld.

Features of ET Series Metal Sheet & Tube Fiber Laser Cutter


One machine with dual functions, which can cut both tube and plate metals, reducing cost and increasing efficiency, saving 40% of purchase cost and floor space.


Double pneumatic chuck, clamping in place at one time, 2~3 times faster than traditional electric chucks, 2 rows of rollers are adopted for a wide range of clamping and high cutting precision. Dual support frame for 6m tube. 


It adopts the gantry dual-drive structure type. Its X and Y single-axis positioning speeds can reach more than 80m/min. At the same time, the dual-drive acceleration makes the maximum acceleration of X and Y single-axis reach 1G.


The processing system has comprehensive functions and a friendly interface, which can provide real-time feedback on the processing status.


This fiber laser cutter is capable of processing various types of pipes and profiles, including round pipes, square pipes, rectangular pipes, angle steel, channel steel, and more.

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Weihua provides high-quality laser machines
Weihua provides high-quality laser machines
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