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Laser Cleaning Machine

Fiber laser cleaning machine is an innovative tool that uses high-intensity laser beams to remove contaminants, rust, coatings, and unwanted layers from surfaces. As a leading laser machine manufacturer, our laser cleaning machine operates by delivering focused laser energy, which causes the contaminants to vaporize or ablate without damaging the underlying material. Laser cleaning offers advantages such as precision, reduced waste, and environmental friendliness since it eliminates the need for chemicals or abrasive methods. This technology finds applications in industries like automotive, aerospace, restoration, and manufacturing, providing efficient and eco-friendly surface preparation and cleaning solutions.

Types of Laser Cleaning Machine FOR SALE

Continuous Fiber Laser Cleaning Machine

Continuous fiber laser cleaning use the continuous laser beam for efficient and uninterrupted surface cleaning, ideal for various industrial applications.

Pulse Fiber Laser Cleaning Machine

Pulse fiber laser cleaning utilizes intermittent laser pulses to efficiently remove contaminants from surfaces, offering precision and flexibility for industrial cleaning tasks.
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Laser Cleaning Machine Video
Laser Cleaning Machine Video

Laser Cleaning Machine Video


Laser Cleaning Machine Working Principle

  • Fiber laser cleaning machine operates on the principle of high-energy laser technology to remove contaminants and unwanted substances from various surfaces. The process begins with the generation of a powerful laser beam, typically from a fiber laser source. This laser beam is then precisely focused and directed onto the material's surface to be cleaned.

  • When the laser beam interacts with the contaminants, several mechanisms come into play. In most cases, the energy from the laser causes the contaminants to heat up rapidly, leading to their vaporization or ablation. This effectively removes the unwanted material without damaging the underlying surface.

  • Laser cleaning machines offer several advantages, including precision, minimal waste, and environmental friendliness since they eliminate the need for chemical cleaning agents. They are used in industries such as manufacturing, automotive, aerospace, and historic preservation for efficient and precise surface cleaning.

Weihua provides high-quality laser machines
Weihua provides high-quality laser machines
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