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Classification of Laser Marking Machines

According the laser source, there are 5 types of laser marking machines on the current market: Fiber laser marking machine, CO2 laser marking machine, UV ultraviolet laser marking machine. infrared laser marking machine and green light laser marking machine. These laser marking machines are faster than previous inkjet printers, are environmentally friendly, can handle a variety of materials, and most importantly, have no consumable expenses.


The following is a brief introduction to the principles, corresponding materials and advantages of these 5 types of laser marking machines, as well as common power: 

1. Fiber Laser Marking Machine

The fiber laser marking machine uses fiber lasers. It mainly uses the principle of laser thermal effect to form product marks by using the high heat generated instantly by the laser to burn the surface of the workpiece product. Mainly suitable for marking metal materials and some plastic materials. Currently, the fiber laser marking machine is the most mature, longest-lasting, most widely used and most affordable model on the market. It is widely used in the packaging industry.

Currently commonly used laser brands include Wuhan Ruike, Shenzhen Chuangxin and Shenzhen JPT. Commonly used powers are 20w, 30w, 50w, 60w, 70w, 100w and 200w. Among them, Mopa series mostly uses JPT.

2. CO2 (carbon dioxide) Laser Marking Machine

CO2 laser mainly uses the laser thermal effect to vaporize the surface coating of the workpiece to form contrast and produce marks. CO2 laser is suitable for various non-metal and some metal materials, such as paper, PVC, rubber, wood, glass, ceramics, plastic, PET, HDPE, Leather etc. It is widely used in industrial batch online printing of packaging boxes, bags, films, glass bottles, pipes, electronic components, etc.!

CO2 lasers are divided into glass tubes and radio frequency metal tubes. Commonly used brands include Beijing Wynn, Nanjing Chenruida and Beijing Dawei, with powers of 30w, 50w, 60w, 100w and 120w.

3. UV Laser Marking Machine

UV laser marking machine is mainly suitable for surface and internal engraving of glass and crystal products, such as mobile phone screens, LCD screens, optical devices, automotive glass, etc. At the same time, it can be applied to the surface processing of most metal and non-metal materials and the processing of coating films. Such as hardware, ceramics, glasses and watches, PC, electronic devices, various instruments, PCB boards and control panels, nameplate display boards, plastics, etc. It is suitable for surface treatment such as marking and engraving of highly flame-retardant materials. Metal and various non-metal materials, ceramics, sapphire sheets, glass, light-transmitting polymer materials, and plastics.

UV laser marking machines mainly use Shenzhen Inno, JPT, and Shanghai DXT. The commonly used powers are 5 watts and 10 watts.

4. Green Light Laser Marking Machine

Green laser is a light source between hot light source and cold light source. The wavelength of green light is 532nm. It has the characteristics of thin spot and good beam quality. The equipment can be used for surface processing of most metals and non-metals and processing of coating films. Suitable for surface and internal engraving of glass and crystal products, internal engraving of wine bottles, automotive glass, etc. Especially suitable for surface treatment such as marking and engraving of highly flame-retardant materials.

5. Infrared Laser Marking Machine

It has the characteristics of high peak value, narrow pulse width, long focus depth, etc.; it is widely used in applications such as translucent laser engraving of automobile keys, translucent laser engraving of high-quality metal QR codes on keyboards, and fine text and icon engraving.


At present, Jinan Weihua Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in fiber laser marking machines, CO2 laser marking machines, UV laser marking machines and green light laser marking machines. If any interesting or making sample to test, please feel free to contact us at any time.

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