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How to Make The Diameter Symbol "φ" In EZCAD Software?

Laser marking machines are widely used in various industries, and sometimes diameter symbols φ are used. If you don’t know how to type it, here Jinan Weihua Laser tells you how to enter diameter symbols in EZCAD.

Solutions as below:

1. In word files, Use the shortcut keys, hold down the ALT key with your left hand, type 0216 on the numeric keys with your right hand, and release it. Then the symbol "φ" will occur, then you copy it to the EZCAD software.

2. Switch the input method to special symbols and you can find it.

3.  In the powerful marking machine software, first draw a circle, then draw a straight line, drag and combine them, and φ will appear.

4. With the help of Google search engine, this symbol will appear in the results, just copy it.

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