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Professional Introduction of LaserCAD Software

LaserCAD Software


As a laser machine software, many automatic feeding laser cutting machines of Weihua Laser company use this laser software. LaserCAD is the Windows software specially designed for Trocen laser motion control system. The software has a friendly interface and powerful functions. It can draw with the help of professional drawing software, such as CorelDraw, Auto CAD, Mastcam, etc. It supports AI, PLT, DXF, NC code, Wentai word cutting software and other format files, and also has simple graphics drawing. Function, easy and convenient to operate, it is a very cost-effective special software for laser motion control system.

Software Features

1) The interface is friendly, easy to learn and operate.

2) Compatible with various graphics and image data formats such as AI, BMP, PLT, DXF, DST, etc.

3) You can create simple graphics and text, and edit and typeset imported data.

4) It can perform multi-level hierarchical processing and define the output sequence.

5) The processing process and precision are personalized, and the laser head's running trajectory is simulated and displayed.

6) Multiple path optimization functions and pause function during processing.

7) Various ways of saving graphics and processing parameters and their reuse.

8) Processing time estimation and cost budget functions, intelligent typesetting input.

9) Array output, immediate fixed-point output, and return-to-origin output positioning methods.

10) The unique dual laser system works intermittently and independently and has motion trajectory compensation control functions.

11) According to different processing needs, the processing starting point, working path, laser head parking position, etc. can be set by yourself.

12) Compatible with a variety of communication methods, users can use USB port communication or network communication according to the actual situation.

13) Supports CorelDraw direct output version and AutoCAD direct output version.

Directly engrave photos and support rotation engraving.

14) Supports slope carving.

Operating System

LaserCAD runs on Windows (Window XP, Vista, Win7, Win8, Win10) operating system.

Specific Advantages of LaserCAD in Practical Applications

LaserCAD is a software designed specifically for laser cutting and laser engraving machines. It provides a range of tools that enable users to design and edit graphics for use on laser equipment. Here are some of the main features of LaserCAD software:

1. Graphic design and editing: LaserCAD provides a wealth of graphic design tools, including drawing, shape creation, text editing, etc. These features allow users to create or modify designs directly in the software without the need for other graphic design software.

2. File compatibility: The software is able to import and export a variety of graphic formats, such as DXF, AI, PLT, etc., so that users can use designs created by other software.

3. Parameter setting: Users can set various laser processing parameters in LaserCAD, such as power, speed, frequency, etc., to suit different materials and cutting or engraving requirements.

4. Preview and simulation: The software provides a preview function, so users can view the design effect before actual processing. In addition, it may also support simulation processing paths to help users optimize processing steps.

5. User interface: LaserCAD usually has an intuitive user interface that is easy to learn and use, and even users who are not familiar with laser processing can quickly get started.

6. Device compatibility: This software is generally compatible with a wide range of laser cutting and engraving machines, but it is best to confirm compatibility with specific models before purchasing.

7. Updates and support: Good software vendors will provide regular software updates and technical support to ensure that users can fully utilize the functions of LaserCAD.

LaserCAD is suitable for a wide range of users from laser cutter hobbyists to professional manufacturers. It helps users realize various creative and production needs by providing powerful and flexible design and processing tools.

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