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Professional Introduction of Large Visual Camera Positioning and Cutting System

Large Visual Camera Positioning and Cutting System


This system is a high-end intelligent cutting control system developed for automatic identification of ultra-large format cutting that integrates automation technology, large-format vision technology, and laser technology, and fully integrates traditional manual work modes into efficient and accurate computerized design. Mainly used in large-format laser cutting machines, vibrating knife cutting machines and other equipment.

System Components

1)  Motion Controller

2)  Laser controller: AWC7824/TL5269

Vibrating knife controller: TC-6832

3)  High Definition SLR Camera

4)  Applicable software: TroSCCDCut

5)  System platform requirements: WinXP, Vista, Win7, Win8, Win10

System Functions

1) The shooting format is large and the recognition accuracy is high. The entire material is imaged at one time to avoid image errors caused by image splicing;

2) The found contour can be partially or completely modified before processing;

3)  Multi-template feature point positioning and nesting, supports real-time modification during processing, and can recognize multiple graphic formats;

4) Supports automatic edge-finding and cutting, realizes continuous feeding, and identifies and cuts each version;

5) High-precision cutting of materials of various thicknesses without recalibration;

6) Full-width automatic edge lifting, easily handles large-format cutting;

Application Areas

1) Widely used in laser and vibrating knife cutting equipment such as trademark cutting machines and leather goods cutting machines.

2) Suitable for clothing leather, trademark woven labels, digital printing, computer embroidery, printing and engraving, template cutting and other industries.

3) Applicable Industries and Materials

Large Visual Camera Positioning and Cutting System

CO2 laser cutting equipment with this control system will be wiht powerful performanence, making the laser machine welcome in many industries, asuch as Logo Cutting, Digital Printing, Lace Cutting , Textile Embroidery and other industries. So, the laser machine will be called laser cutting machine for lace.

4)Equipment application display

Large Visual Camera Positioning and Cutting System Large Visual Camera Positioning and Cutting System

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