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TL5269 Laser Control System

TL5269 Laser Control System


On the basis of inheriting all the excellent functions of the AWC78 series, TL5269 also has the functions of independent control of 9-axis and 6-head lasers, mutual movement of 3 heads on a single gantry, asynchronous double gantries, and automatic feeding.


Suitable for advertising decoration, printing and packaging, clothing leather, cloth toys, computer embroidery and other industries.

Widely used in various types of small and medium power laser cutting, laser engraving and other equipment, Usually, It is used in lace laser cutting machine, textile laser cutter and other co2 laser cutting machine. In Weihua laser company, our auto feeding laser cutting machine with double independent heads is equiped this TL5269 control system. It is mainly used to cut cut denim, velvet, Lace, Felt, etc.

Laser Cutting Machine

If interesting for more machine photos or video to check how this laser cutting machine working, you are welcome to contact us at info@weihualaser.com.

Technical Parameter

Alternative Models

TL5200PRO and other brands of asynchronous laser machine control systems

Power Supply


Universal Input (UI)

6 channels of universal photoelectric isolation input

Universal  Output (UO)

12 channels of universal photoelectric isolation OC gate output

Number of control axes

9 axes

Control the number of laser heads

6 laser heads

Supported lasers

CO2 glass laser tube, RF laser tube

Laser energy control

0-100%   0.1% Continuously adjustable



Supported graphics formats


Supported software

LaserCAD, lightburn

(Supported plugins CORELDRAW,AUTOCAD, Adobe Illustrator)

Supported systems

Windows(Window XP、Vista、Win7、Win8、Win10 )operating system

Performance Characteristics

1) It adopts 7-inch true color touch screen and has a strong operating feel;

2)  Using a new 32-bit high-speed DSP to make the system run faster and more stably,which can ensure our laser cutter works stably.

3) The product is easy to operate, and training and after-sales training saves time;

4) Supports USB disk offline file preview function and displays laser head movement trajectory in real time;

5)  Can completely set parameters of laser machine without PC;

6) Full optocoupler completely isolates external electromagnetic interference and has strong anti-static performance, making the system work more stable and reliable;

7)  Support multiple languages, such as English, Portuguese, Turkish,, Russian, French, Korean, Arabic, Spanish, Vietnamese,Danish.

8) Supports USB2.0  high-speed interface, U disk reading and writing files are more stable, and can recognize U disks of various brands;

9) Supports network communication and USB communication, with faster and more stable transmission speed;

10) Intelligent diagnosis system’s own faults;

11) One-click switch to manually move the axis;

12) A variety of humanized positioning modes and return modes to facilitate customers with different habits to operate the machine;

13) One-click continuous cutting, which facilitates continued cutting after the file being processed is interrupted in any way;

14) When debugging the cutting effect, there are few parameters to set and it is easy for users to hold;

15) A variety of humanized automatic feeding functions;

16) Supports super-format cutting and is compatible with file formats generated by various popular typesetting software;

17) The three heads of a single beam move mutually, and the double beams are asynchronous. For large-size graphics, the double beams can be cut at the same time in a short avoidance time, and the splicing is seamless;

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