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Application of Laser Marking in Sanitary Ware Industry

The main content of the exterior design of sanitary products includes different materials such as Chinese porcelain, plastic, and metal. Laser marking, on the other hand, can meet the high-quality marking requirements of our scientific research materials. It can be used to mark various sanitary equipment such as bathroom cabinets, faucets, toilets, bathroom machinery, washbasins, flush valves, and bathtubs. Laser marking is particularly useful in combating counterfeit brands and providing a robust product traceability system for bathroom products, which helps protect the interests of businesses and consumers.

Advantages of laser marking in the sanitary industry production and processing:

  • Good permanence: Laser marking uses the energy density of lasers to selectively irradiate the surface of the product, causing the bathroom raw materials to vaporize or undergo compound reactions that result in permanent markings.

  • Strong coordination ability: Laser marking systems can quickly produce various text and graphic designs with clear and aesthetically pleasing patterns through computer-aided design.

  • Safety and environmental protection: Laser marking does not produce harmful substances during the entire process, reducing harm to human health.

  • Easy to use: With simple training, operators can minimize their involvement in the marking process.

  • Wide range of applicable materials: Laser marking can be applied to various materials such as rubber products, leather products, metal materials, laminated glass, porcelain, and sapphires using UV absorption laser marking machines provided by companies like the Grand Ease Ming Group.

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