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Applications of Pulsed Laser Cleaning Machines in Automotive Mold Cleaning

With the rapid development of the automotive industry, effective integration and matching between automotive molds and welding fixtures have gradually enhanced the trend of integrated automotive body mold fixtures, which can reduce matching cycles and lower user costs.

However, after prolonged use, residues inside molds can affect the quality of produced parts. Traditional methods of chemical cleaning and mechanical polishing have problems such as environmental pollution and low cleaning efficiency, which are ineffective in cleaning automotive components.

Laser cleaning machines utilize the high energy density, controllable direction, and strong convergence ability of laser beams to directly break up sulfides and production residues on the mold surface without damaging the mold.

Although the efficiency is not as fast as sandblasting, it saves many procedures. Automatic cleaning machines can also be developed for tire molds, which is more beneficial for tire production.

Furthermore, laser cleaning not only effectively removes rust and dirt, but also allows the substrate surface to undergo a chemical reaction to form a protective layer that prevents the substrate from rusting again, improving its corrosion resistance.

Currently, laser cleaning technology has been applied in various fields such as military industry, mold cleaning, surface treatment, microelectronics, cultural relics protection, and medical treatment.

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